Interior Design – A Charming Family Home That Mixes Old And New

Decorator and stylist Nicola Marc shares the story behind the design of her family home. See how she mixes pieces that are both old and new to add charm to …
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32 thoughts on “Interior Design – A Charming Family Home That Mixes Old And New”

  1. I don't get open shelving for dishware.  If you're not using those dishes daily, won't they get dusty after a week or two?  I don't care how pretty something is; it must be clean.

  2. I adore every fabric, every paint color, every wallpaper. They all make me happy. I would love to work with this designer. She's so practical and captures so much beauty in each room. That entry is breath taking.

  3. This is the FIRST home that I have seen on here that has a sense of soul, and isn't just a carbon copy of what everyone else is doing. She did a FANTASTIC job.

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