Interior Design – A Fresh Take On Traditional Style

Designer Emily Griffin takes a modern approach to traditional style in a young family’s home. See how she puts a contemporary spin on antiques, dark wood and …
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41 thoughts on “Interior Design – A Fresh Take On Traditional Style”

  1. Are those flowers artificials??? Or they must be changed always??Didn't like her taste at all!! The pink color of walls doesn't match with the dark fornitures and that bunch of flowers in the edges of the fireplace seems a coffin coming out !!

  2. YES, the floral arrangement on top of the fireplace mantel caught my attention at the beginning. Was gonna comment on that one, and the very last part of the video she specifically talked about it. It's so gorgeous. Who ever made the arrangement is a genuis, the colors combo and the size. it's so refreshing – new. modern floral arrangement juxtaposed to it's traditional setting.

  3. Love everything, just amazing!!!!!! Sorry didn't love the flower arrangement in the piano room – the art work was too beautiful and the flowers were just distracting and looked too feminine for the room decor.

  4. Really beautiful. Just one tiny note: a piano between a window and a fireplace that's an absolute non-sense. It works for decoration but it's the worst thing to do for the piano.

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