Interior Design and Environment Art: Mastering Space, Mastering Place

In this 2015 GDC talk, Capy Games’ Dan Cox dives into complex interior design techniques and practices you can use to master space and place in your level design. GDC talks cover a range…
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38 thoughts on “Interior Design and Environment Art: Mastering Space, Mastering Place”

  1. Just make a game that is fun. Smoke a joint and let yourself go. Forget all this pattern examination, breaking up space, spatial, perception, cognitive, neuropsychophysiological analysis of the human interaction between brain body, spirit and emotion. Goddamnit. Make a game that is fun, and it will all fall into place. Chill and just pop some tabs and let your ideas run riot. It's called a game, because it is a game, ironic since the industry is taking itself so goddamned seriously. Really, you are trying to find a template, plug in formula to dazzle and distract people into ignoring the deficit of content, in order to not have to bear the burden of having to come up with good ideas and FUN GAMES TO PLAY.

  2. thank you for this! I am an interior design student (almost graduate) moving towards gaming and movie industry and the information covered are very helpful showing that what i learnt can be a great advantage!

  3. I'm an interior design student I was hoping to transition into the gaming industry since games is a massive part of my life. I was thinking of how to apply my skills and in this video I learned couple of ways to do so.

  4. Many of the concepts of this talk are architecture concepts, not interior design's. It really shocked me that this guy considered Frank Gehry, one of the most relevant architects of our time, as only an interior designer.

  5. This was such an amazing talk because I can actually instantly apply these techniques for my own projects. It's a perfect break down of the underlying mechanisms that make space work.

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