Interior Design — Best Design Ideas For Split-Level Homes

On, see how talented antiques expert Jill Kantelberg took her 70s home from dated to dramatic. Get her tips and tricks for cool, …
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42 thoughts on “Interior Design — Best Design Ideas For Split-Level Homes”

  1. She is an artist.And the house looks like art.People hate apparentely arrogance.We don't know lady's story, maybe she is shy .Who are we to judge?We need to be all the same full of smiles or even worse full of fake smiles?And the channel is about design anyway.

  2. I'm intrigued by this lady. I want to have a face-to-face conversation with her. Alcohol must be involved, though. And maybe some 90s mainstream hip-hop. She has another side… I just know it.

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  4. regular words fall flat with this woman. did she really just say "mental repository"? (1:05 mark)
    I didn't think there was a more pompous person alive that could out douche Gwyneth Paltrow, but I was wrong.
    she "thieved [items] from her store." and she's "working within an envelope."
    this might be the best quote yet: "I had to respect the architectural boundaries I was working within."
    her house was alright, but she makes it seem as though she has blessed us with the second coming of Andrew Lloyd Wright.

  5. I LOVE the house, love the home owner (I find her so charming), but HAAAAAATE the integrated washroom into the master bedroom. I can only imagine she lives there alone, because let's face it…. I don't want to see my partner using the washroom while I am relaxing in bed. Noway! 🙂

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