Interior Design – BIG House in Vegas #5 Reality Show

Interior Design, Interior Decorating Ideas, Big House, How to Decorate a large home, Home decor as Interior Designer Rebecca Robeson reveals the 3D …
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45 thoughts on “Interior Design – BIG House in Vegas #5 Reality Show”

  1. big home but not feeling at home….. whats wrong with people in industrialised countries!!! ????? robeson is doing very well at designing everything. yet there are too many people outthere unhappy and depressed because of all the materialistic stuff and the big "american Dream", they completely lose touch of what really makes a human being happy in life. It is as simple as feeling loved and being in love, appreciating what life is about. Money cant buy happiness, neither pverty but people who are poor dont think of themselves as poor, because they are busy inhaling life as it comes with all its facettes, thats very enriching in itself- think about it everyone

  2. I always wonder what these rich people DO for a living, since the rest of us work just as hard but don't exactly get to this level. Sigh. What a life that must be.

  3. I am so sorry, but I didn't like a lot the transformation that she offered. I thought that for the style of the house, the interior design might be different, because whether you see, the style of the house, is pretty different than the style of the interior. Sorry, you have failed this time 🙁

  4. hi! My dream job would be an interior designer, I was wondering what college/university did you go to? Did you major in interior design? Please get back to me as so as you can. thank you !! Have an amazing day

  5. My house is empty and I think I should at least see what it's like to have you house decorated we are out of decorations in our beds and a lot of things that we need for this house and I would be grateful of you know you picked me and I am subscribed to your channel

  6. Did not think the woman seemed that friendly, loved the 3D tour I wish I even had that piece of kit to play with. If I ever am in a position (very large loto) win I would call on your services

  7. Hi I'm Maui from the Philippines… I really admired all your works…you are such a superb talented interior designer….and you are so pretty also….I also loved your energy how you hosted your shows here on YouTube…. more power to you…I wish you were here in Philippines… love love all…..

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