Interior Design — DIY Cottage-Style Home

Decor and DIY blogger Kim Power shares a look inside her cottage-inspired home. Get her tips on how to live with white decor, plus thrifty DIY ideas that add …
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33 thoughts on “Interior Design — DIY Cottage-Style Home”

  1. I love how the house is dominant while but still feel cozy.
    A lot of time people paint their home white and ended up looking cold.
    And I love how she incorporate natural color and blue, it feels so refreshing but not overwhelming.
    I can see myself enjoying the house as well.

  2. Your home is beautiful, warm and serene. You say you don't have much art, but you have some beautiful pictures (family?) and that warms up your space too. I love that you've controlled your spending by finding second hand and "as is" furniture. Thanks for the great tips. Thanks for sharing. Enjoy your beautiful home! 🙂

  3. Very Beautiful .. I decorated my home in white and had a white theme in several rooms…however after a few years of serene, white calmness, it begins to feel cold and cheerless – almost bleak. I'm so glad we have brought back some colour to our rooms.

  4. I absolutely love your rooms and will follow your lead I had a dog just like butter and I miss him so much . It warmed my heart to see Butter. Your home is beautiful and once again I just love it for I find it inviting, comfortable and warm . Thank you for sharing this beautiful decor.

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