Interior Design — Go Behind The Scenes Of Our July Cover Shoot!

In honor of Canada’s 150th birthday, H&H’s Joel Bray and Stacey Smithers create a space that represents their take on new Canadian style for our July 2017 …
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24 thoughts on “Interior Design — Go Behind The Scenes Of Our July Cover Shoot!”

  1. You guys did a fantastic job on this! It makes me proud of our Canadian designers! I first saw the cover on the grocery rack and was kind of puzzled as I am not used to "this" being called Canadian. It is so fresh and relate-able and being able to watch the behind the scenes really drives it home. It is so nuanced, but so very Canadian. I can imagine it in so many types of homes across our country. And the white walls are such a true statement. I remember reading a comment under one of the YouTube videos on this channel where the person asked why so many Canadian homes have white walls. It is very true with most people I know. Coloured walls are often reserved for themed restaurants lol

  2. you guys did an amazing job, something about the colors you picked just speak to me. but I thought it was a shame when it was covered up by the tacky fonts and just overall design of the magazine cover. I've never been a fan and hopefully someone at h&h will reconsider.

  3. I loved hearing about Joel & Stacey's design process! You should do more videos like this! Plus, I just love Joel and I want to see more of him! haha The art piece is stunning and I really thought that the matte black fireplace flanked by the verticle wood pile was the standout moment! Beautiful job you two!

  4. I absolutely love it! In fact I'm so excited about this issue that I'm reading now.
    I'm planning to clad my electric fire place exactly like that one. For my townhouse in Squamish BC which will be built next year. Great design guys!

  5. Never apologize for a white interior! Many years ago I worked for a famous decorator who popularized the all-white 'California Look.' I've never gotten tired of it.

    Personally I like the high contrast look of black and white. Used to perfection on your H&H cover shoot! … Gives a room a lot of 'snap' …but not for everyone or every situation. Also admire the lack of apparent color scheme…. seems natural and unforced. Brilliant work, everyone!

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