Interior Design | How I became an Interior Designer Pt.1

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22 thoughts on “Interior Design | How I became an Interior Designer Pt.1”

  1. This is so funny because my Mom did just what your mom did. She would always change furniture around at home all the time. My dad was a shift worker and was always tripping over furniture because she was moving it around while he was working. ha ha ha. My mom was always using paint as her "big change" in decor because it is the biggest bang for her buck. She had six kids and dad was the only one who worked. We weren't poor, but careful spenders. She was brave way back in the 70's to paint our sun room lime green with black curtains she made herself. She also painted one of the Sunday school rooms salmon color. Nobody had EVER painted Sunday school rooms back then but white. Really a trend setter. She was always able to see the end result with nothing there like you. She even moved the furniture around my dads credit union one time while she waited for the employee to call her name, plants and all. No kidding, she did what you did at
    Hilton. Love the stuff you do. BTW, I saw Jimmy's music videos and love his style and yes his heart rings through. The sunrise video is awesome!!!! Very blessed…

  2. Wow your school days sound like mine…I was always in trouble for daydreaming! But what a great story you have…and that you thanked the Lord for your talent, that's so great! p.s. you should have shown a picture of yourself back in the day!

  3. Dear Rebecca:
    I watched most your videos. I really like the way you are. I learned lots from you.I really enjoyed. You make my eyes open…….
    I live in Canada. I bought a new modern loft condo last year in Beijing, China. I am going to get a key and renovate this Nov. I hope you can give me little idea. I really appreciate.
    Love you and thank you. You work very hard. Take care!!!!!!

  4. This is absolutely amazing!!! i've just started seriously thinking about turning my love for decorating, into something other than doing it for myself! I truely appreciate this video. Just about to watch part 2. Thankyou for sharing your story!!!

  5. I'm a freshman in college, and studying interior design. I wanted to be an interior designer since freshman year of high school. Is there anything I need to know to be successful at it?

  6. I felt you are talking about me !!!!
    It is sooo weird
    Finally i found someone who had same things like me
    I am glad i watched your video…

    My mom was creative, i don't like rules and I always did makeover and designed some
    of my cloth, and mom used to tell me that i am so precocious and crazy!

    And i feel i am a talented artist & a designer by nature"god gifted". you didn't like school that much and their system like me, and i don't like math also and i wish to focus on things i am good at and things that i love to express my self and help people to be surrounded in their best taste.

    & I always dream to start my garage sale to show my taste and creativity, i tried to tell people i know that i would love to do their houses in their budget for free
    but it didn't workout tell now.

    Anyways, I am so glad that you started like me and ended in a good way
    I wish i achieve what i want because i was so worried to have a baby 1-2 YEARS from now and i didn't want my dreams to disappear by being a mom ' but
    you gave me hope… and an important tip ( to take photos before and after).. so thank you

  7. god def meant for me to see this today! ive subscribed on robeson design for quite some time, and watched YouTube videos even longer than I've subscribed!!! my life has turned into a nightmare that Ive FINALLY have been able to find the strength i needed to end the abusive relationship with my sons father!! i got every bit of my apartments designs from seeing input n gorgeous suggestioms that work n a smaller space!!! im a 'beat the odds' make a wish kid, and i truly believe gods plan for me is realized n my being blessed with my son!!! ive been financially dependent on my ex bc of my health…and even though I'm about to lose the ONLY HOME my son has ever known i know ive learned enough from u and sharrah that helps me feel confident n knowing i can recreate a new 'home' for my son AND a safe haven for us both!! ur video and my surprise/delight to learn of ur relationship with god really gave me an unexpected sense of strength & peace!! I'm so thankful for u sharing this video, and thankful god didn't bring me to this video until a night i REALLY needed SOMETHING POSITIVE after being a verbal punching bag for my ex to beat up on for 4 straight hours this Friday evening!! thank u so much for this!!

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