Interior Design — How To Decorate A 2-Bedroom Condo For Under 10k

Discover how designer Natalie Chong furnished a young couple’s two-bedroom, two-bathroom home for $10000. Get her budget condo decorating ideas for …
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45 thoughts on “Interior Design — How To Decorate A 2-Bedroom Condo For Under 10k”

  1. good final tip! though all this for 10k cad? i call bs, even if its ikea, maybe just the furniture, not including shiping/delivery installation and millwork, kitchen, appliances and anything else..

  2. I wonder how much of the kitchen and bath were original and how much is new. (You didn'tshow the bath at all – maybe nothing was done to it?) Those two rooms are the real pits in a house.

  3. But this really isn't gender neutral. The white is gender neutral but the way the wood plays with the dark aspects and the dark aspects are very strong here. All this makes for a decidedly masculine vibe. I guess she was going for Yin and Yang literally lol

  4. She's a really great interior decorator! The condo looks nice. Especially the entrance. I do not like dark paint on the walls, but in this space it worked.

  5. Oh get a grip. 10,000 is practically nothing! Honestly do you think many people have 10,000 to decorate their home? It should be your daily bread and butter to decorate within this budget, when you have more that should be a bonus. Are you honestly saying you can't have good design under 10,000?

  6. Tempest, meet teapot. If only this very talented designer hadn't said 10K is practically nothing, all would be well. If this price includes furniture, assembly of the furniture, artwork, painting, taxes, design fees, this is in fact extremely well planned use of the money.

  7. I think she is simply referring to 10k in the world of working with a designer ? Designers I'm assuming are typically hired to design million dollar homes with high end furnishings.

  8. Some of you are being wayyyyyyyyyyyyy too sensitive about her budget comment. Design is not the realm of the frugal, if you even think about hiring a designer/interior decorator be prepared to spend. It's a luxury, not a right.

  9. The way this place is laid out is fantastic! Every furnishing, regardless of where it's from, works with one another and it's not pretentious or overly glammed-up. It's definitely a space I can kick back and relax in.

  10. First, while I was watching the video, I was like "IKEA! IKEA everywhere!" Then while I was reading the comments, I was like "Jealousy! Jealousy everywhere!"

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