Interior Design — How To Design A Timeless Comfortable Bedroom

On, see how H&H editor Morgan Michener woke up a “bath of beige” bedroom. Her bright ideas are worth stealing! Watch hundreds of other free TV segments here: http://hous…
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11 thoughts on “Interior Design — How To Design A Timeless Comfortable Bedroom”

  1. I love the bedding (ohhhh those poms poms!), and the idea of using rug over rug at angles but beyond that the room seemed starved for color.  The room has a lot of nice angles that fade away into the white and I would have like to see those features stand out. I also like the double windows and felt something more could have been done than beige curtains.

  2. The end result looked like a page from IKEA catalogue or something. Not very nice to use IKEA pieces in a room and then it screams "IKEA!" all over IMO. The custom bed skirt (went unnoticed unless you mention it) and the cushions doesn't balance the IKEA feel. Could have done more maybe less white and the color of the blinds really stands out to me (not a nice thing in this case). 

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