Interior Design | Living Room REVEAL | Home Decorating Ideas

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49 thoughts on “Interior Design | Living Room REVEAL | Home Decorating Ideas”

  1. I’m so so happy to see how you design that type of entry/living/dining layout. I have seen so many houses in our house hunt with that cavernous layout and wondered what to productively do with that space. Now I know that we can even put our pool table there and it could look fabulous!

  2. I have a very small living room how can , I Oslo have out door 🚪 living rooms like a porch,I love my furniture but abrí thing is to close together I have big rooms but small living rooms, and small kitchen

  3. I have just discovered you!!!!! Where the heck have I been??????? You are absolutely fantastic!!! Your taste is perfection and you are a STAR!!! You have a new fan!!!!!!
    xo sharon stanley (The Glenn Miller Orchestra)
    ps……..I flew with you years ago:)

  4. I just love the way u transformer the place keeping in mind every detail if the place.the colors u use are jus the perfect n the textures are the way u r passionate abt ur work…a big thumbs up!!

  5. You are a genius. I don't know if these are design secrets or not, but where did you get the armchairs with the wooden armrests they look so luxurious. And what are the names of the gray and dark brown paint/stain colors? Everything is beautiful in each of your videos, thanks for sharing.

  6. I have watched this video like 5 times already and love something different each time.. With the entry way door, are you worried that it will hit the credenza if someone opened it too far? If so, how did you solve it

  7. Hi Rebecca I am a new subscriber and also with your design sessions. I am playing catch up but, I saw that picture in your house and love it. I really need those bejeweled I think you called them tea cozies for my Christmas deco next year. I love lots of bling!!!

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