Interior Design — Luxurious & Glam Small Townhouse Makeover

On, tour a glam condo makeover with Toronto designer Trish Johnston and get her top tips on collecting — and curating — for …
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37 thoughts on “Interior Design — Luxurious & Glam Small Townhouse Makeover”

  1. Wow!! This design is so glamorous and beautiful!! I am so glad that you did not put a T.V., in the living room! Living rooms are for conversations! Save the T.V., for the Den!! I simply love your style!!! 👍💖👍

  2. I watched this video soooooo many times you wouldn't believe it, I absolutely love this the decor!! I just love everything, I really love the closest doors and you never mentioned them they just set the tone so so pretty in there

  3. Nice and bright space.I also like the wall art…Nike of Samothrace,Prague orloj,Canova's Magdalene/although personally I would not put this on my wall / and on one of the photos appears to be Rila Monastery but I'm not sure because the column style is Corinthian order..

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