Interior Design — Modern Light Wood Kitchen Makeover

Designer Philippe Beauparlant shares a spacious kitchen he designed for a couple with grown children. See how he used light wood cabinetry and black …
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24 thoughts on “Interior Design — Modern Light Wood Kitchen Makeover”

  1. This is probably the best kitchen I've seen, really usable, it's not following any trend that'll go out of fashion tomorrow. It's really liveable and simple.
    I love it, congrats to the designers

  2. Typical bullshit North Americans do. Why buy a house if you don't like it's style? Previous kitchen was fine. The aesthetics are now different but it's essentially an unnecessary intervention.

  3. Very clever.  It's funny how we don't think about the ceiling when it comes to design, and yet it's something that really catches the eye.  Well thought out design. =)

  4. I have mixed feelings about this space. I can appreciate the uniqueness of the space and the fact that the designer was unbelievably creative with this project, but it doesn't appeal to me personally. all that wood isn't for me, BUT he did a great job. it looks awesome.

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