Interior Design — Must-Know Tips For Decorating With Neutrals & Pastels

Designer Margie Doyle transforms the main floor of an Edwardian home into a bright and airy space with soft colors and luxurious textures. Have a look inside the gorgeous space that’s pretty…
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23 thoughts on “Interior Design — Must-Know Tips For Decorating With Neutrals & Pastels”

  1. This is my favourite decor of ALL time. Yes. I'm a woman! I watch this video aall the time. Dreaming of how I can copy it when I move to my small villa. Love love love it! ! ( from down under)

  2. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the house but I see no evidence of a man living there. That looks like my apartment when I was single, before I had to corporate my husband's spider plants and Seagrams mirror into my decor. Lol.

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