Interior Design – Must-See Entryway Makeover With Paint

A dull front hall gets a fresh update with paint! Stylist Reiko Caron shares quick and easy tips on how to make a front entryway pop. Reiko instantly updated the space by painting the interior…
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30 thoughts on “Interior Design – Must-See Entryway Makeover With Paint”

  1. Take the time to take the door off the hinges if you are able (paint in summer!) and take the time to remove hardware in any case! Ones attention to 'prep' definately shows up on the finished product.

  2. Did you paint over the peephole? Also, I swear I see missed paint spots around the pretty brass mail slot. I loved the deeper blue, but if the homeowners preferred the lighter color it was probably best.

  3. The first one is not that bad either.. What was just missing is a little color which was shown here. For the end project, i think it was a little too put up that the looks of it is not far from the original.

  4. looks better. ..however, I would have painted that mirror white. the wood isn't working in that space. also, I would have used the deeper blue color on the door. not a fan of the color she used. I think the darker color would have made everything else in the space pop more. but that's just my opinion.

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