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  1. TV would give you a broader audience. Although that can lead to more issues and you might lose sight of primary goals… making beautiful homes 💗 Love your work!

  2. Rebecca you should so oooh be on Hgtv!
    I love watching and learning from your utubes. I would be so happy to watch on the big screen instead of my notebook!
    By the way as a loyal Hgtv fan, they need some new shows especially one that teaches and offers decorative tips.

  3. I would have watched it but glad they're still on YOU tube coz they don't show all American TV shows in England. At least this way anyone can watch it instead of having to find if it's available on TV xxxx

  4. Hey!!!!=) Miss Rebeccq Robwson you really have grown to a Inpinimy of a Interior and Exterior Design and Development and implementation of all you do to peoples all state of America and the fantastic crew you have there indeed gun to work with even though tue uos and down you hqd to face each day you still managed to keep professional. Sharrah is grwoing phenomenaly and your son also grwat kids you have indeed. Doing this job and career wasn't easy for you as a mom and you have to work and be Ambitious to get want you want In life and the future ahead thate a great Legacy to keep flowing for many years to come
    And one day I might join on this Company to see a touch of ROBESON DESIGN. God bless you and stay amd faith don't give up with your goals. And keep shooting high. Sky is the Limit. aee you soon on you4 videos bye.

  5. Hey, I am Inna and I am from Russia. These channel is a source of my daily inspiration. And, frankly, now I am seriously thinking of changing my career path towards interior design. But I have doubts if I should do it at my age (I am 32).

    And as for TV show, I would definetely watch it. I think it would be not only entartaining, but also great source of info for beginners in the industry.

    I think the time has come for this dream to happen! )

    P.s. Robeson Design Show would be way more fun than the Kardashians.

    Best of Luck!

  6. Rebecca, I love your videos.  No shows on HGTV really concentrate on the decorating.   If they do the ideas are flashed so fast it doesn't sink in. (at least for me)   I would love to see you on HGTV.  This from a Baby Boomer who has never commented on a You Tube video.

  7. You know what, Rebecca?? I have seen HGTV shows and stars COME AND GO… but YOU and Your family… are well…. You are Just special!! I could not bear to watch someone else (a network) make the decisions which have brought you to where you are today!! Stay where you are and let things develop at YOUR pace, with your WISDOM and INTUITION! YOU are the genius behind YOU!! Seriously. God has always led you and He will continue! Your energy and desire to connect with your viewers is what drives you. (Please don't let someone profit from something SO very special!!!). Your star is now rising!

    PS. Would I watch a show like this??? I've watched this THREE TIMES! Produce it yourself…

  8. I would have watched the show, but sometimes reality shows make the "characters" in it look crappy and I think that would have messed with your real brand. But the sizzle reel was great!

  9. I would have loved to see you with your own television show, but I understand why you turned it down. I love your channel and all of the design ideas you share. Keep being awesome.

  10. I would have WATCHED THE SNOT OUT OF THAT SHOW! That being said, OMG you guys all look to be SO high maintenance! LOL! FUN…but high maintenance. However, I think you can actually reach more people around the world here on YouTube, and you are correct, if you start doing a TV show your actual BUSINESS will take a beating. So I for one would like to see a version of your TV show…on YouTube, is that doable? BTW just stumbled upon your videos just today, can't wait to watch more! 🙂

  11. Good decision NOT to do the show! All producers want is drama, and it would become more of playing up for the camera than the beautiful design that we all started following for. I don't even like the term "celebrity designer". It doesn't matter if you are a celebrity, it matters that you are an incredible design artist!

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