Interior Design – Small Space Makeover: A Sophisticated Family Home

Designer Maia Roffey proves sophisticated and family-friendly aren’t mutually exclusive in this must-see small space makeover. See how she transformed a …
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31 thoughts on “Interior Design – Small Space Makeover: A Sophisticated Family Home”

  1. Space for me means take all those stuff on top of the center table & those breakable vases around, my husband will knock it down before the day is over the way he moves around the house. Nice staging though.

  2. I love how the space was transformed. I didn't mind the built in on that living room wall. However, I would prefer the steps going to the dining area to be more open & wider. I'd rather not have those glass railings & instead, I would extend those steps all the way thru..

  3. All those white vases in the corner and white chairs are not kid friendly whatsoever! Coffee tables always look better without clutter. This is a common mistake designers make, less stuff makes for less visual chaos. Wood chairs would have been better, unfortunately this look will probably only last a month if that, with kids around.

  4. Designer Maia Roffey, really does a wonderful job here, for this family. Before the space was choppy and had no flow at all, the rooms were all separated from each other, nothing connected….and now, with the newly designed space, all the spaces, communicate with each other, through color and design flow…the flooring unites the rooms together and the removal of the french doors separating the family room and the foyer entry, really bring the space to a more unified whole. Removing the wall and door separating the kitchen from the dining room, gives the new kitchen/eating area, one beautifully large space for the family to enjoy…the kitchen colors, coordinating with the curtain fabric in the living room, tie all the spaces together beautifully…the white vases as a collection, look beautiful altogether, and would look beautiful in the dining space on the wall with art, on a narrow buffet table, if the children cause that decision…

  5. Eliminating the rabbit's warren of choppy rooms is best part of this project. Pleasant pallette. Kitchen is HUGE improvement! Otherwise…..Not great. Really dislike the meaningless 'collection' of white vases. Wow, that orange and aqua beach painting in dining area doesn't work at all! How long will those books stay in neat straight piles on the coffee table? (with children…. are you kidding?) Weird blank wall behind sofa. (Why not a nice antique Japanese painted screen?) I don't understand why people make a huge ugly TV the focus of their living rooms.

  6. With babies and toddlers how us her design functional? Where are tgexkids, set cuff to their rooms? She was horrible at decorating and maybe not so good at being a woman, she seems angry.

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