Interior Design — Smart Small-Space Renovation

On, see how Colette Soros of Parliament Interiors transformed a small and tired Vancouver home into an open and airy family …
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35 thoughts on “Interior Design — Smart Small-Space Renovation”

  1. She said at the beginning she wanted a larger home, yet the title says small-space. This house isn't small at all, it seems like your typical average family house. However in terms of Design, it's pretty drab, looks like a museum home, but after all she did mention she's an owner of a home furnishing store so maybe that's why. Either way the Interior lacks due to it's petite and dainty atmosphere. I don't even want to discuss my thoughts about the kids rooms but I'm sure the home doesn't look what it looks like now, especially with young children in the household.

  2. I love this room! I like that it doesn't look masculine or feminine, it just looks like a nice place that anyone could get comfortable in. Cool colors can be cozy and inviting when used in the right way and minimal doesn't have to mean cold or boring. Thumbs up for this beautiful home that disproves a lot of old decorating myths. This is my favorite home from this channel so far!

  3. 3 living areas with very similar sectional couchs , same colours everywere, bench and rectangular table outdoor and indood. skip one of the useless ''copy and paste'' living area and give your kids a proper room.

  4. Felt so cold to me. No warmth in that home, whatsoever. And hopefully the toys for the kids were hidden, because you were filming? 🤷🏻‍♀️ this should be labeled "colors and furniture to not use in every room in your house". Every room looks identical. So sad. So much potential in that "small" home.

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