49 thoughts on “Make an Interior Design with Google Sketchup”

  1. Can we issue sketchup drawings for construction and fabrication? Or is it just to visualize? What if we model interior and couldn't find stuff in the market (sizes etc) ? Isnt the work will than go in vein?

    By the way nice video but too much custom work. Took alot of time to detail.

  2. you should reverse the face dude and make every wall component or group its easier to edit your work latter on.and also its more easier that way if you want to render your work latter.

    if you didnt do that everything will be messy when you trying to edit something and you need to start from scratch again. IMHO. anyway good wore dude

  3. Mashallah you make it look so easy! I'm an interior design student trying to learn this program since 3d max is just too complicated and Revit is very limited. Thank you for the video!

  4. Saya lihat setiap video Mbak +Alda F selalu menggunakan Window > Componets > 3D WareHouse…Berdownload (ByUnknown) Seperti Tools Group#107…
    Dan yang mau saya tanyakan apa nama Download 3D WareHouse Ber ByUnknown?

  5. Mbak + Aida F kamu Akseosris Componets ( Seperti Air Tempat Cuci Piring yang Namanya Group#107 itu dari apa Nama Downloadnya di 3D WareHouse…
    Mohon Bimbingannya ya Mbak..Terima Kasih

  6. Это адъ.Нужно быть настолько дрочером скетчап, чтобы нарисовать тупо одну комнату пустую. Ну нафиг.

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